Hello world!

First post, using WordPress’ welcome title.

Hello world!” I imagine the prelingual thought of this wet lavender-skinned newborn hesitantly taking her first cold breaths, while snuggled upon her mother’s abdomen.

The new mother’s universal first embrace, palms resting on her daughter’s damp body, freshly emerged from the warm constricting womb. This small infant worked as hard as did her mother to traverse her first voyage – birth, the longest six inches of her life!

The mother’s head drops backward upon supporting pillows, glistening with perspiration,. The infant’s father openly weeps as he gingerly cuts the umbilical cord.

“You’re free now!” I smile aloud, after the new father severs the spiral umbilical cord.

After expulsion from the birth canal’s tight compression, the baby’s chest expands, her newborn lungs inspire oxygen directly for the first time.  Her heart automatically pumps fresh blood toward pulmonary (lung) circulation.

In a few brief moments, the newborn’s blood streams through newly opened channels.  The original vascular pathways close forever, tunneling through the small body and the umbilical cord, to her placenta for secondary oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange via her mother’s bloodstream.  The fetal circulation now becomes an abandoned bio-aqueduct.

While now-needless pathways close, blood courses to moist previously unused lungs, until the now-needless umbilical cord ceases its pulsations.  The cord is cut and lungs assume their lifelong role of keeping this body alive.

As the newborn breathes oxygen, her color changes from the lovely fetal lavender to her genetically predetermined color.

While drying the newborn, the nurse whispers, “She’s turning pink now. Congratulations!”

Pink is a medical term, applied equally to all ethnicities of babies, referring to the disappearing fetal blue color, as lungs oxygenate this body.  In a matter of moments, this little girl’s metabolism completely changes.

Lavender fades like a tactile sunrise. Fresh lavender skin is indescribably beautiful for a few fleeting moments.  If the otherworldly color endures only a few seconds longer, we worry the baby is not breathing.

I wonder, “Did newborn skin inspire Hinduism’s blue deities? It this why I painted my bedroom lavender? Do I unconsciously strive for the security of fetal life?”

The new mother wearily lifts her head from the pillows, her energy slowly returning. Tendrils of moist hair cling to her forehead, wet with perspiration from childbirth’s expulsive efforts.  She smiles while nodding toward the blinking, warm babe in her arms.

The baby’s father wipes away tears while leaning down, forehead to forehead with the new mother.

“You did it!” he says,  “I love you!”


Hello World!

Welcome to “Coming to Life” blog!

We each survived our own amazing odds-against-us conception and birth.

Life continues to challenge and bless us with personal struggles. We may find ourselves suddenly redirected, just as fetal circulation redirects itself for extrauterine life.

My hope is that through stories of others’ births and rebirths, struggles and overcoming, readers will find personal inspiration to help traverse their bridges.

Happy Spring – the season of renewal!

12 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Tom

    I think the world is now much richer because you are sharing your experiences. So often, it seems, people are wont to hide their pasts, their miseries, their errors in judgement. But what is hidden, covered over, secreted away only tends to the kind of decay and corruption that engenders the decrease of the life force, frightening away others for reasons they can ill comprehend.

    We have to learn to be open, not only to others, but to ourselves, to be open to listen to the messages of that perpetual spring that would enliven us day after day by letting go of all that would hold us back.

  2. lesliejaquith

    whew ….. OMG …… one of your birth stories is OUT! Hooray! What a share for all. Your gift of giving is received with much joy Gina. Thanks.

  3. Seeker

    Congratulations Gina on getting your own blog up and running. If future posts are as good as this opening one…and I know from experience that they will be…then we are all in for a real treat. I look forward to reading everything that you have to share.

  4. Bjarne

    Some deliveries are simple second complex. Some require a lot of effort, second patience. Sometimes help from others, a caesarean section………
    a wonderful idea Gina!

  5. Ibu Robin Lim

    I LOVE YOU… Will be following you Gina, as I have been all of our lives. You have inspired and supported me in this Birth Journey, from California to Iowa to Indonesia and beyond. Welcome and joy for this new site for sharing.
    Om Shanti, ibu Robin

  6. Grace

    Yeah – an unexpected blast from the past, rebirthing as a recruitment technique. This story both gentle and ominous at the same time. Gina’s story gives me courage to examine one of my own.

  7. goudeygal

    Ah, it was a long labor, but here it is. I will follow your blog with eager anticipation to read your stories of birth and rebirth.
    Congratulations on the new baby blog.

  8. ComingToLifeStories Post author

    Thank you all, dear friends! For years of support and encouragement through some pretty crazy things (for all of us!).
    I’m slowly learning how to work this site, and also editing twisted stories!
    Thanks to kind support of you (and others) I can finally tell some stories!
    Just posted the second blog entry! Your feedback always welcome!
    Much Love,
    g 🙂


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