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EnCourage – Survivors of Cults and Abuse

Ex-cult member and Psychotherapist Gillie Jenkinson dedicates her professional work and writing with those recovering from cults. Through her practice in the United Kingdom, “Hope Valley Counseling Limited” (, she offers Post Cult Counselling to those who have left a cult – both with those raised in cults and those who had been recruited.

Ms. Jenkinson is a popular speaker at conferences for the International Cultic Studies Association, and a contributing editor to the journal, Cultic Studies Review. She worked closely with the reputable residential programs for cult recovery at Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center in Albany, Ohio USA.

Ms. Jenkinson is hopeful of bringing the next level of her dream to life – a residential retreat center in the UK to help those recovering from cults. She is currently fundraising for this dream and to subsidise therapy for ex-cult members through a newly launched charity EnCourage Survivors of Cults and Abuse.

For more information please peruse either website.

Humor for cult vulnerability

Time for humor!

ANYone could be susceptible to idealistic cult recruitment, or the idea of a charming manipulator, when caught at a vulnerable time. We ALL experience times of vulnerability and life change, such as leaving for college, divorce, loss of job, death of a loved one. Intelligence is not protective against cults or extreme idealism.

At such times, idealistic religion or cult (seems to) offer self-definition and life purpose. One, of many, key distinction for a cult is the emphasis on recruitment and fundraising, regardless of the group’s deemed façade. The new ideals and life mission seem to help the person initially, but then generate a changed persona with the use of scripted language.

Even Wile E. Coyote could be susceptible! :

(note: this is not a criticism of Christianity, per se, but a joke about adopting all-consuming ideology for life purpose)

Home Is Where the Heart Is (part one)

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower, and draws all good things toward you. Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others. Do not strain after the needs of life. It is sufficient to be quietly alert and aware of them. In this way life proceeds more naturally and effortlessly. Life is here to Enjoy!
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

When my brother and I heard the loud mechanical roar of the Champion juicer coming from the kitchen, we knew it was safe to emerge from our bedrooms following our afternoon meditation. Walking into the kitchen, past the 50 pound weekly bag of carrots that was nearly my size, my father yelled over the juicer’s roar, “Your juice is almost ready,” while forcing another large carrot into the juicers’ grinding blades.

My throat gagged at the sight of rising frothing carrot juice in the stainless steel bowl. Chunks of dry clumped carrot pulp filled the plastic bag, rubber banded to the juicer’s pulp ejector. I scrounged through kitchen cabinets for a fine strainer to further filter my required glass of carrot juice, so that I could tolerate swallowing. Carrot juice made my tongue and lips itchy and swollen, so I swallowed as quickly as possible.

Dad reminded us daily how important the carrot juice was. If my friend Elaine visited, she benefited from carrot lore and a glass. Friends gradually stopped coming over.
Dad often said:

This juice contains most of the nutrition you need for the day. The Beta Carotene and other vitamins are more pure and more nutritious than any other foods. By concentrating the nutrition of seven or eight carrots into one glass, without the needless pulp, your body will be more pure and more strong than it would be by eating regular foods.

Dad made a special concoction of one third carrot, one third celery, and one third apple juice, to counteract his slowly debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.

I downed my carrot juice, after running it through an extra fine kitchen strainer, purposely holding my throat open to guzzle without tasting. My father slowly drank his special mix, “You have to masticate the juice Gina. The juice is concentrated, but it needs the benefit of your saliva to be digested and used in your body.”

He spoke while swishing the juice around his mouth with chewing motions, his lips and cheeks alternating swelling in and out. “Doctors won’t tell you this, because it would keep you healthy and put them out of business. The medical profession wants people to be sick, so you have to keep returning to them for more and more drugs to weaken your nervous system and keep you dependent upon them.”

My father was convinced the medical profession was evil. He would beat the medical system through carrot juice and meditation.

We drank our juice exactly 20 minutes before dinner, to allow the nutritious juice to be absorbed, prior to taking in solid food which would slow our digestion and make us dull.

In the middle 1960’s, Our parents directed the family focus for eternal enlightenment. With the mystical key of our specially awarded mantra, twice daily without fail, we meditated in silence. After school, Dad returned home from his job as civil service mechanical engineer before five p.m. Our parents took the kitchen’s pink wall telephone off the hook, wrapping the receiver in a towel to muffle the inevitable dial tone and warning bleep which emanated from a phone off the hook.

Our parents meditated in the living room – Dad reclined in his green naugahyde lazy-boy lounger while my mother sat cross legged upon the zippered plastic covers of the brown danish modern sofa. Gunnar and I retreated to our respective bedrooms, allowed only to emerge when our parents finished meditating. We individually chanted our Word of Wisdom, or children’s meditation, silently while playing or otherwise engaging ourselves in our rooms.

While neighborhood children played outside after school, our family silently meditated. To further prevent interruptions, my mother hung a sign on the front door with the words, Do Not Disturb. Meditation in Progress. The sign humiliated me by the public proclamation of our differentness. Mom and Dad were happy with the sign, because no neighborhood children knocked on the door for us when the sign was up.

The loud whirr of the Champion juicer grinding carrots signaled that we could leave our rooms.

By the time we finally sat to dinner, other neighborhood children had finished eating and were outside playing. Gunnar and I could hear their shouts and street games; we wanted to join them.

No,” Mom said each evening, “Dinner is family time; we have to sit together.” Sitting in our assigned dining places, my brother across the table and a parent on each side, we closed our eyes and bowed our heads while Mom whispered Maharishi’s dinner grace,

In thy fullness, oh Lord
Filled with thy grace
For the purpose of union with thee
To satisfy and glorify thy creation
With thanks to thee with all our heart
And all adoration for thy blessings
We accept this gift as it has come to us
This food is thy blessing
In thy service
We accept with all gratitude, my Lord

Mom slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head after grace, as if coming out of a deep trance. My brother and I knew to wait for Mom to appear fully awakened before we could begin eating.

Our family time consisted of a simple, almost raw food, dinner and listening to the latest spiritual lessons. Interaction with our parents was minimal. They downloaded scripted spiritual messages to us.

Dinner consisted of a salad without dressing, because dressing was deemed tomasic, or toxin laden. Vegetables were lightly steamed to avoid draining their nutrients. We were not allowed salt nor condiments. My brother and I wanted fish sticks, potatoes, hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, cookies, and ice cream.

Our parents relented, by allowing us to drink milk, even though they said “Milk is for cows. Humans are the only animal that think it’s acceptable to drink milk after infancy. Drinking milk will give you too much calcium and create bone problems later in life.

My brother and I relished the forbidden smooth white liquid. Mom often reminded us, “You father’s arthritis is because he drank too much milk growing up on the farm in Norway. That calcium settled in his joints causing arthritis.” Gunnar and I guzzled milk anyway.

Dinner was family time, but my brother and I were not allowed to participate in conversation. We often played footsie beneath the table, sometimes resulting in one of us unable to restrain laughter and spraying a mouthful of milk across the dinner table. In such situations, Mom yelled, “Leave the table now! If you must behave like animals, then you don’t deserve to sit at the table! Go to your rooms!

We ran giggling down the hall to our bedrooms, glad to escape to our records and comic books.

When Gunnar and I behaved, by eating in silence, mother expounded on spiritual lessons. Usually we behaved by eating quietly and listening to Mom’s teachings, so that dinner would end as quickly as possible and we could be excused.

About a year after our childhood initiation into TM, my mother held up a new book at the dinner table, A Hermit in the Houseby Helena Olson had just been published in 1967.

This book was written by Helena Olson. You two were initiated in the Olsons’ house; Dad and I visit them often. Did you know the Olsons were the first family to host Maharishi when he came to California? The Olsons had the vision to see that this tiny Indian man is a great sage. They offered their home for Maharishi to establish his Spiritual Regeneration Movement in the west. To this day Helena Olson is called Mother Olson, for being the mother to the Movement. Mother Olson wrote about the time Maharishi lived in their home. You two were initiated in this home; your father and I were initiated by Roland Olson.

I asked, “So? What does that have to do with us?

My brother and I listened disinterestedly while chewing our broccoli, cashews and brown rice. Mom flipped through black and white photos of Maharishi lounging in the Olsons’ TV room, or with their daughters. She continued:

The Olsons were grateful to have meaning to their previously materialistic life in Beverly Hills. By supporting Maharishi, they have a new purpose to bring spirituality to mankind. Your father and I attend Los Angeles meditation meetings at the Olsons’ home. They tell wonderful stories about Maharishi! Many of her stories in this book, but not all.
When I helped Helena in the kitchen, I confided that while Roland initiated me, I had a vision that he was an Egyptian pharaoh performing a ritual. I asked Helena “Was Roland once a pharaoh in a previous lifetime?”
Helena looked at me, she then looked down and smiled as if she was embarrassed, “Not a very good one, I’m afraid.”

(My mother chuckled with such an intimate revelation.)

You see, children, even though Roland was not a good pharaoh, he learned management skills from that lifetime. We all carry our lessons from one life to the next. Those skills served him as a business man in this lifetime, and now he uses his experience from being a pharoah to spread Maharishi’s teachings. You won’t read stories like that in this book, because most people would not understand higher spiritual truths the way we do.

I loved ancient mythology, I was interested that we had been in a real pharaoh’s house! Immediately I asked, “Do you know which pharaoh he was?” I wanted to look him up in our encyclopedia, or school library. How exciting that we were associated with ancient royalty! I didn’t care about this new book, I wanted to know which pharaoh he was, and if we were in his court.

Mom responded, “No, I didn’t ask which pharaoh. It doesn’t matter, since he wasn’t a good one anyway.

Then how can I look him up?” I was disappointed, even bad kings were in history books. I wanted to know which ancient royalty were our friends!

My mother excused herself to use the bathroom. In Mom’s absence, Dad asked about our school day. Gunnar and I talked about playground games. Retching and splashing sounds came from down the hall, as if Mom was vomiting into the toilet.

Is Mom sick?” I asked.

No.” Dad said, “She’s always done that when she eats too much.

She does what?” asked Gunnar.

She empties her stomach.” Dad calmly responded.

Ugh! Why would someone want to barf?” I exclaimed, imagining the experience and taste from being sick.

We heard the toilet flush, the water from the sink, and the rubbing sound of a toothbrush, as Mom presumably cleaned up. Then she returned to the dinner table. She sat at her place, smiling, looking perfectly normal.

Mom, are you sick or did you just make yourself barf?” I asked.

Yuk!” Gunnar said.

No, I’m not sick. Since I taste dinner while preparing it, then sometimes I overeat when joining the family for dinner. Vomiting afterwards is a natural way to relieve my over filled stomach. Since I already absorbed the carrot juice’s nutrients, there is no problem with getting rid of extra food. Ancient Roman royalty vomited after feasts. They ate, drank, celebrated, then emptied their stomachs so they could rejoin their party and continue.

I thought that she made barfing after dinner sound like a royal tradition!

Gross!” Gunnar said while placing a hand on his stomach and mimicking retching movements. “How do you make yourself do that?

Just put your finger into the back of your throat. It’s easy. Try it sometime.” Mom calmly explained while reaching for more rice.

Ugh! How can you eat again right away? That’s weird!” I said,
May I please be excused? I can’t eat anymore.” My mother gave me permission to leave the table. I carried my plate and utensils to the kitchen while wondering about the pharaoh who was my parents’ friend.

CyberVoices Unite!

Readers of this obscure blog are familiar with the power of cyber connections.

The history behind the popular TMFreeblog is one example of the internet’s power for good, rebirth that comes with claiming one’s voice, and using unusual history for constructive ends.

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) acknowledges that the majority of former cultists today find support, connection and recovery through online forums.

Cyber anonymity allows those who find difficulty expressing our alternative history to safely test the waters of communication about “taboo” topics.

For those raised in cults, especially, the alternative reality of cult life remains foundational to our being. “Dysfunctional” only begins to define our jumbled legacies. How to define such confusion to ourselves, let alone to others?

Even with my younger brother (now a successful executive, and respected member of mainstream LDS church) it was taboo to share childhood memories upon our father’s recent passing. When reminiscing, my dear brother responded, “Gina, I don’t want to discuss our past. I try really hard not to remember.” Repressing memories is common for cult survivors, or anyone with a degree of post-traumatic stress disorder. My beloved brother remains ever anxious in my presence; my presence reminds him of our history. Other cult-kids may find they are inexorably linked to the cult children that were closer to them than were their own preoccupied parents. After all, who else would understand except someone who also lived the insanity?

Finding courage to speak despite controversy is one, of many, developmental tasks that former cultists must accomplish to become autonomous adults.

For those seeking to converse about their history and connect with compassionate others, a number of online sources exist, in addition to the ‘comments’ sections on recovery blogs.

For a couple of decades after leaving Fairfield, Iowa, our family was ashamed to speak of cult upbringing and early adulthood, while actively constructing our non-cult life. The past was confusing, and I preferred to forget it and “move on already!” It was hard enough to connect to others because of the TM-based inner vocabulary and outlook.

After leaving Iowa’s TM community, we initially struggled to function outside cult community. My exhusband spent nearly a year unemployed while playing video games and giving devotion to two subsequent guru-gods, Sai Baba then Andy Rymer. After all, by following dictates of (whichever) guru, all wealth and happiness were to befall a devotee. In my emptiness I fell into the arms of a charismatic professor at the local community college, while I began higher education and worked. We lost everything; the marriage eventually ended (imagine that!). Such stories are not uncommon when cult “walkaways” navigate without support. Too bad we didn’t know about cult recovery resources at that time!

Parents who are empty, lost or seeking cannot appropriately support their offspring. No wonder we lacked words to explain our history and subsequent fall out! Our amazing children survived both the TM and post-TM-cult shambles. My exhusband and I have each since transitioned to professional respectability with separate stable homes. Our talented, educated now-adult children work and live with autonomous integrity despite being 3rd generation TMers. We are among the more fortunate post-TM families. Many, not all, stories are more painful than ours. I digress.

Repressing the past like Pandora’s box, I had feared alienating others if I dared to incorporate TMpast into our embryonic mainstream life. I became skilled at dodging questions about the past, or my late career start and related financial juggles.

Other adults who were raised in cults confirmed the same anxiety about revealing their past. One successful young man, raised in Iowa’s TM community, rolled his eyes while revealing, “I cannot tell professional associates that I was raised in a trailer park in Iowa. Or that the trailer park was named Utopia Park!”

Intelligent and compassionate new friends taught that my fears were unfounded. One physician friend suggested that perhaps those fears were vestigial cult-brainwashing?

Eventually, the repressed history burst through the seams. Support, education and validation was readily available through Rick Ross’s message board. “Toni” discussed my past. As a child, I’d wished my name was “Toni” – the childhood tree-climbing-girl.

“Martin” (Sudarsha on TMFree blog) and “Toni” (me) met on a section of Rick Ross’ forum which Martin founded. Feel free to click onto Mahesh and Money to read anecdotal stories, both funny and wrenching, about TM’s early daze.

Martin chose a different life path than I did, following our TM histories. Yet, we respect and share perspectives on TM, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and cult recovery.

Sending cyber tentacles, Martin took the leap to create Rick Ross’ subsection Mahesh and Money. He also threw strands of cyber silk to the most articulate TM-critics online: John Knapp, founder of the original trancenet, Joe Kellet of, and Maharishi’s biographer Paul Mason, Joseppi found us on Rick Ross’ board.

Later, Martin suggested we converse with group emails. For two to three years, from the comfort of our desks across the globe, the group of us (and a few others) erratically discussed perspectives on the evolving Transcendental Meditation Movement, the after-effects of our history, concerns for TM-causalties, TM devotees in our lives, and related topics. Anyone familiar with us online knows we are fiercely individual in perspectives and communication. And, like any strong minded individuals, we’ve had differences of opinion.

What a relief – after cult foundations – to respect individual perspectives upon a common theme!

Like a spider spinning his global web, Martin forged friendships emphasizing individual strengths, connection and diversity. Isn’t that what we’d initially hoped for within the TM Movement?

Did not Maharishi claim ownership, as if the idea was his alone, of the axiom “Unity in Diversity”? Maharishi only played upon that idea. In reality, Maharishi valued only the appearance of diversity to promote his unified cult-ural conformity.

For his own healing, Martin spun his spider silk to create active communication with others based upon a common interest. Our unity lay in willingness to frankly discuss that which was deemed taboo.

With his cyber acumen, John Knapp then suggested a co-moderated blog to publicly share TM-recovery insights. After hesitation, and personal decisions about the use pseudonyms, TMFreeblog was born as a birthday gift to “honor” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in January 2007 with John’s post TM-Free Blog: Happy Birthday, MMY, You Old Sod!.

TMFree blog formed, almost serendipitously, because Martin had reached across cyberspace, and John brought those connections to a public forum. No wonder Maharishi utilized Martin’s skills to create the foundations for Maharishi International University, now MUM! Martin’s ability to reach out and connect once again launched a global network based upon TM commonality!

For those seeking personal support to converse about confusing histories, please don’t hesitate to extend yourselves through online forums and blogs. It’s normal to feel anxious when reviewing confusing histories. Pushing through the anxiety, you may surprise yourself with growing strength, rebirth – and new friendships! You’ll be glad you did!

Many heartfelt thanks to Jeremy, Saul, Angelica, Martin, John, Rick Ross, ICSA, Cathleen, Joe, Paolo, Bjarne, Earl, Eve, Leslie, Priscilla, Robin, Deja’, Zhou, and all the rest – you know who you are!

Mother’s Day for Peace

Mother’s Day began as an anti-war protest. Fifty years before America granted women the right to vote, mothers protested that they did not give birth only to send their children to war. Mourning mothers who lost sons and husbands in war directed their pain by advocating for peaceful methods of conflict resolution.

Hallmark came later.

Following the carnage of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, the lyricist for the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” wrote her 1870 “Mother’s Day Proclamation” to incite women to demand peace, rather than send offspring to war.

As we honor our devoted mothers with flowers and champagne, may we remember to assume co-responsibility to shape society and unite our voices – to protect all children.

Mothers’ Day Proclamation: Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870

Arise, then, women of this day! Arise all women who have hearts,
whether our baptism be that of water or of fears!

Say firmly: “We will not have great questions decided by
irrelevant agencies. Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking
with carnage, for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be
taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach
them of charity, mercy and patience.

We women of one country will be too tender of those of another
country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs. From
the bosom of the devastated earth a voice goes up with our own.
It says “Disarm, Disarm! The sword of murder is not the balance
of justice.”

Blood does not wipe our dishonor nor violence indicate possession.
As men have often forsaken the plow and the anvil at the summons
of war, let women now leave all that may be left of home for a
great and earnest day of counsel. Let them meet first, as women,
to bewail and commemorate the dead.

Let them then solemnly take counsel with each other as to the
means whereby the great human family can live in peace, each
bearing after their own time the sacred impress, not of Caesar,
but of God.

In the name of womanhood and of humanity, I earnestly ask that a
general congress of women without limit of nationality may be
appointed and held at some place deemed most convenient and at
the earliest period consistent with its objects, to promote the
alliance of the different nationalities, the amicable settlement
of international questions, the great and general interests of

Julia Ward Howe

Ding Dong Kalindi’s Dead – Miracle of Love “Master” dies

“Kalindi La Gourasana” from her book

“Ultimate Freedom: Union with God”


Kalindi La Gourasana (her name should be sung), aka Carol Seidman, deemed Voice of God for the Miracle of Love cult allegedly passed away on April 18th, 2010 from disseminated intravascular coagulation, a complication of renal failure.  She was in her early fifties.

As reported in Kalindi’s online obituary in the Denver Post, “Kalindi was the founder of Miracle of Love Church, creator of the Miracle of Love Seminar, and spiritual leader of the Path to Ultimate Freedom. She came into this life to help thousands of people reestablish their loving relationship with God, and for those who desire it, to break the cycle of birth and death and return Home to God.”

Kalindi’s daughter, Maha, invited her mother’s followers to participate in a 12-day period of “dedication of celebration of our beloved master Kalindi G” from April 24-May 5.

Kalindi La Gourasana, previously known by her given name of Carol Seidman, was the widow of the Lord Gourasana whose given name was David Swanson. Swanson as Lord Gouarsana claimed to be an incarnation of God.  Kalindi assumed leadership of the Miracle of Love in 1995 upon the passing of Swanson/ Lord Gourasana.  After her husband’s death, Kalindi claimed to be God’s voice on Earth, speaking for MOL’s Lord Gourasana.

The greatest legacy of Kalindi & Gourasana, is their establishment of the “Church of Exodus” whose name changed to the “Miracle of Love Church” (MOL) after the Heaven’s Gate suicides (not directly related to Miracle of Love). The Miracle of Love cult group has undergone many name changes, and relocations of central headquarters. Current names include “Miracle of Love Seminar,”  “Twenty First Century Transformation Center”, “The Seminar” / “Love’s Awakening Intensive”, “Modern Day Meditation Center”, “Freedom Walk”, and Love’s Awakening Intensive, Love of God Workshops.”  Locations are worldwide.  The largest centers currently seem to be in Colorado, North Carolina and Munich, however this changes every few years.

An entry level MOL member begins by attending their workshop called “The Seminar” (formerly “The Intensive”)  The Seminar is a classic Large Group Awareness Training program using known methods to psychologically break down participants through long hours, emotional public confessionals, strict diet control and strict social control.  This combination over several days or longer alters brain chemistry to render participants more impressionable. A neurochemical high results at the end of this Intensive, similar to a “runner’s high.”  Participants are led to believe that this high is the experience of God and unconditional love, granted them by Kalindi.

Graduates of the Seminar often report they feel reborn, replenished, high, transformed, and newly dedicated to breaking attachments in order to focus upon pursuit of God and “Breaking free” from deemed pain of Earth life.

Kalindi and Gourasana taught others to “Break Free” of this earthly life of suffering to pursue their version of the True Realm of Existence. “Breaking free”, according to MOL teachings, requires following MOL’s strict lifestyle mandates of dress, behavior, speech, domestic organization, practicing Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP), and especially donating ample money and recruitment efforts for MOL’s Mission.

Insider sources have told stories of Kalindi’s abuse to her inner core of followers, including dictating marriages, divorces, name changes and child conceptions. Her extravagant personal habits allegedly included spending over $100,000 annually on her wardrobe by some reports, and an increasing dependency upon chemical substances.

In the early days of MOL, Kalindi often played the dominatrix goddess, ostensibly to break her followers free of preconceived ideas of love and attachment.  Using the lure of freely expressed love without attachments, valued MOL recruits and donors were often rewarded with unconditionally loving partners in gratitude for their devotion/donations to Kalindi’s path to God.

Reputedly, MOL’s new figurehead leaders will include Kalindi’s grown daughter, Maha, Racole Tackett and The Lady, amongst others.

Maha Swanson is the beautiful youthful voice, and heir apparent as the only daughter of MOL’s Voice of God.

Racole Tackett is a therapist and expounded as a spiritual master in MOL.  She is known for using such phrases as “What is about you that makes you feel that way?” to break her clients down, doubt their emotions, and turn increasingly toward MOL directives.

The Lady, another MOL “Master” whose given name is never revealed, plays the model of unconditional love and acceptance, doting upon those who perhaps miss having an idealized mother-figure.

The Miracle of Love is offering extensive support to their global membership, using their leader’s death to further accentuate group bonding.  MOL’s memorial activities are centralized at their Denver and Munich centers.  Other MOL centers globally are undoubtedly lending their support through this challenging time.  For more information on MOL’s memorial activities for Kalindi you may phone their Denver center at (USA) 877-535-4215 or their Worldwide Conference Call Call Supervisor, Juliana Martinez at (USA) 619-770-9672.  According to Maha’s message to MOL’s members, gifts, flowers or cards may be delivered to MOL’s Denver Center. The Denver  MOL Center is located at 4277 West 43rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80212, USA.

Time will tell how the Miracle of Love transforms itself, its message and marketing in Kalindi’s absence.

With Kalindi’s passing, many MOL members may be mourning the loss of their living godhead.

Others may begin to doubt their spiritual directives, since their Lord Gourasana had promised that Kalindi would have a long life.

Those who choose to leave the MOL now may find themselves in a moment of crises and self doubt.
Cult recovery resources are linked in the right margin of this blog’s HOME page.
A yahoo support group specifically designed for former MOL members and loved ones of MOL members can be accessed by clicking here.

MOL expose information may be found through the following links :

Miracle of Love by Jill Kramer, Pacific Sun March 2006

My Life with Miracle of Love

A Warning on Miracle of Love

Miracle of Love, a critical response

Rick Ross’ page on Miracle of Love

Miracle of Love and culttactics?

May the MOL members who awaken from their manipulations find appropriate recovery resources and inner freedom. May they learn to stand without a charismatic cult leader directing their thoughts, relationships and behaviors.  The loss of directives from Kalindi La Gourasana and her surviving minions will catalyze their greatest rebirth.

For more Kalindi information:

Podcast of Kalindi can be viewed here

YouTube clips of Kalindi which used to be viewed here have been removed.

This video has edited clips of Kalindi speaking to followers toward the end of her life :

Other MOL websites are linked in blue throughout this blogpost.