Ding Dong Kalindi’s Dead – Miracle of Love “Master” dies

“Kalindi La Gourasana” from her book

“Ultimate Freedom: Union with God”


Kalindi La Gourasana (her name should be sung), aka Carol Seidman, deemed Voice of God for the Miracle of Love cult allegedly passed away on April 18th, 2010 from disseminated intravascular coagulation, a complication of renal failure.  She was in her early fifties.

As reported in Kalindi’s online obituary in the Denver Post, “Kalindi was the founder of Miracle of Love Church, creator of the Miracle of Love Seminar, and spiritual leader of the Path to Ultimate Freedom. She came into this life to help thousands of people reestablish their loving relationship with God, and for those who desire it, to break the cycle of birth and death and return Home to God.”

Kalindi’s daughter, Maha, invited her mother’s followers to participate in a 12-day period of “dedication of celebration of our beloved master Kalindi G” from April 24-May 5.

Kalindi La Gourasana, previously known by her given name of Carol Seidman, was the widow of the Lord Gourasana whose given name was David Swanson. Swanson as Lord Gouarsana claimed to be an incarnation of God.  Kalindi assumed leadership of the Miracle of Love in 1995 upon the passing of Swanson/ Lord Gourasana.  After her husband’s death, Kalindi claimed to be God’s voice on Earth, speaking for MOL’s Lord Gourasana.

The greatest legacy of Kalindi & Gourasana, is their establishment of the “Church of Exodus” whose name changed to the “Miracle of Love Church” (MOL) after the Heaven’s Gate suicides (not directly related to Miracle of Love). The Miracle of Love cult group has undergone many name changes, and relocations of central headquarters. Current names include “Miracle of Love Seminar,”  “Twenty First Century Transformation Center”, “The Seminar” / “Love’s Awakening Intensive”, “Modern Day Meditation Center”, “Freedom Walk”, and Love’s Awakening Intensive, Love of God Workshops.”  Locations are worldwide.  The largest centers currently seem to be in Colorado, North Carolina and Munich, however this changes every few years.

An entry level MOL member begins by attending their workshop called “The Seminar” (formerly “The Intensive”)  The Seminar is a classic Large Group Awareness Training program using known methods to psychologically break down participants through long hours, emotional public confessionals, strict diet control and strict social control.  This combination over several days or longer alters brain chemistry to render participants more impressionable. A neurochemical high results at the end of this Intensive, similar to a “runner’s high.”  Participants are led to believe that this high is the experience of God and unconditional love, granted them by Kalindi.

Graduates of the Seminar often report they feel reborn, replenished, high, transformed, and newly dedicated to breaking attachments in order to focus upon pursuit of God and “Breaking free” from deemed pain of Earth life.

Kalindi and Gourasana taught others to “Break Free” of this earthly life of suffering to pursue their version of the True Realm of Existence. “Breaking free”, according to MOL teachings, requires following MOL’s strict lifestyle mandates of dress, behavior, speech, domestic organization, practicing Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP), and especially donating ample money and recruitment efforts for MOL’s Mission.

Insider sources have told stories of Kalindi’s abuse to her inner core of followers, including dictating marriages, divorces, name changes and child conceptions. Her extravagant personal habits allegedly included spending over $100,000 annually on her wardrobe by some reports, and an increasing dependency upon chemical substances.

In the early days of MOL, Kalindi often played the dominatrix goddess, ostensibly to break her followers free of preconceived ideas of love and attachment.  Using the lure of freely expressed love without attachments, valued MOL recruits and donors were often rewarded with unconditionally loving partners in gratitude for their devotion/donations to Kalindi’s path to God.

Reputedly, MOL’s new figurehead leaders will include Kalindi’s grown daughter, Maha, Racole Tackett and The Lady, amongst others.

Maha Swanson is the beautiful youthful voice, and heir apparent as the only daughter of MOL’s Voice of God.

Racole Tackett is a therapist and expounded as a spiritual master in MOL.  She is known for using such phrases as “What is about you that makes you feel that way?” to break her clients down, doubt their emotions, and turn increasingly toward MOL directives.

The Lady, another MOL “Master” whose given name is never revealed, plays the model of unconditional love and acceptance, doting upon those who perhaps miss having an idealized mother-figure.

The Miracle of Love is offering extensive support to their global membership, using their leader’s death to further accentuate group bonding.  MOL’s memorial activities are centralized at their Denver and Munich centers.  Other MOL centers globally are undoubtedly lending their support through this challenging time.  For more information on MOL’s memorial activities for Kalindi you may phone their Denver center at (USA) 877-535-4215 or their Worldwide Conference Call Call Supervisor, Juliana Martinez at (USA) 619-770-9672.  According to Maha’s message to MOL’s members, gifts, flowers or cards may be delivered to MOL’s Denver Center. The Denver  MOL Center is located at 4277 West 43rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80212, USA.

Time will tell how the Miracle of Love transforms itself, its message and marketing in Kalindi’s absence.

With Kalindi’s passing, many MOL members may be mourning the loss of their living godhead.

Others may begin to doubt their spiritual directives, since their Lord Gourasana had promised that Kalindi would have a long life.

Those who choose to leave the MOL now may find themselves in a moment of crises and self doubt.
Cult recovery resources are linked in the right margin of this blog’s HOME page.
A yahoo support group specifically designed for former MOL members and loved ones of MOL members can be accessed by clicking here.

MOL expose information may be found through the following links :

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Rick Ross’ page on Miracle of Love

Miracle of Love and culttactics?

May the MOL members who awaken from their manipulations find appropriate recovery resources and inner freedom. May they learn to stand without a charismatic cult leader directing their thoughts, relationships and behaviors.  The loss of directives from Kalindi La Gourasana and her surviving minions will catalyze their greatest rebirth.

For more Kalindi information:

Podcast of Kalindi can be viewed here

YouTube clips of Kalindi which used to be viewed here have been removed.

This video has edited clips of Kalindi speaking to followers toward the end of her life :

Other MOL websites are linked in blue throughout this blogpost.

7 thoughts on “Ding Dong Kalindi’s Dead – Miracle of Love “Master” dies

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  2. joel garnier

    i guess about 11 years ago we met that man with you. coinciding with a relative lull in crises back home. i like the rest in peace attitude. if one can’t grant that wish to the dead then life is cheaper still. an opinion. godspeed to the dead.

    1. ComingToLifeStories Post author

      Yes, Joel, I brought Walter back to Fairfield in 1998 to show him the similar dynamics between TM and MOL. He didn’t get it. His only response was that he wanted to see inside the Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge. When I’d explained that to do that he’d have to learn TM and the TM-Sidhis, Walter said he’d learn TM if I’d attend an MOL Intensive with him. As you know, I no longer practiced TM at that time, and he knew that too. No reason for him to learn TM, and I repeatedly refused to attend any MOL functions. Your mother offered to initiate Walter into TM. I prevented that.

      sigh. Truly, it takes a professional to exit counsel somebody out of cult paradigm. I have no idea if he still is involved with MOL or not. My hope is that this essay above will provide resources for others’ MOL recovery.

      My sickness was thinking that I could have led a person out of a cult, when I’d failed to get my own family out of cult think! Not! Too bad I didn’t know about cult exiting resources back then! If I could’ve gotten him out of MOL, the relationship would have ended (other reasons) on a friendly note, without such intense pain. And Walter would’ve been freed of exploitation by a destructive cult.

      Oh well, live and learn!
      Yes, allow the dead to rest. The living can learn and celebrate for coming through intact!
      g 🙂

      1. joel garnier

        i did not know that was how it was then.

        he just wanted to see the dome. there’s a metaphor in that.

        they say silence is golden but all i can think right now is how i have always wanted to play HUGE electric guitar sounds in a dome like that.


  3. Cathleen

    I’ve heard it said
    That people come into our lives for a reason
    Bringing something we must learn
    And we are led
    To those who help us most to grow
    If we let them
    And we help them in return
    Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true
    But I know I’m who I am today
    Because I knew you…

    I too, like Gina can thank Ms. Seidman, I too belatedly obtained appropriate cult recovery therapy and resources. For that, Kalindi’s voice has my eternal gratitude. May she rest in peace.

  4. Milena

    Very well written, like always my dear Gina
    We, sisters in recovery and more have done our part in speaking and exposing MOL at the Icsa conference, helping those who connected with us via email and the Support group, and standing strong in who we are free from bondage of any cult.
    My heart is at peace certainly much more then in all my time in MOL.
    And no I am not indebted to Kalindi for anything, but I am certainly grateful for you being such a good friend since I left MOL 6 years ago.
    Thank you for your caring and supporting friendship, what I never found with any Miracle of love members, including those who left but did not leave the cult out of their mind.
    Milena, aka The Goose is out, aka Mountain Girl 🙂

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