Humor for cult vulnerability

Time for humor!

ANYone could be susceptible to idealistic cult recruitment, or the idea of a charming manipulator, when caught at a vulnerable time. We ALL experience times of vulnerability and life change, such as leaving for college, divorce, loss of job, death of a loved one. Intelligence is not protective against cults or extreme idealism.

At such times, idealistic religion or cult (seems to) offer self-definition and life purpose. One, of many, key distinction for a cult is the emphasis on recruitment and fundraising, regardless of the group’s deemed façade. The new ideals and life mission seem to help the person initially, but then generate a changed persona with the use of scripted language.

Even Wile E. Coyote could be susceptible! :

(note: this is not a criticism of Christianity, per se, but a joke about adopting all-consuming ideology for life purpose)

3 thoughts on “Humor for cult vulnerability

  1. Tom


    It is a mystery to me how people “convert” to some ridiculous ideal, even though I did it. I thought TM just sounded great the moment I heard about it. It became a *gotta-have-it* kind of thing. That was in 1968 and I still have no idea why it seemed so vital at the time. AND, I only heard about TM through reading Mahesh’s non-formation book *The Science of Being*! ! ! ! !

    Thanks for the laugh, Gina.

    I think we all need to laugh and play more and get sucked into the seriousness of cult-think a whole heck of a lot less.


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