Jill Mytton “Root of All Evil?”

Leaving a cult, or any dogmatic group, creates both an inner turbulence and opportunity for personal rebirth.

As in physical childbirth, personal rebirth requires one to expand in unforeseen ways.

In the video linked below renowned science author, Richard Dawkins, interviews professional psychologist Jill Mytton for the UK’s channel 4 documentary, “Root of All Evil?”

In this interview Jill discusses vestigial effects for those who, like herself, were raised in a limiting dogmatic group. She was raised in The Exclusive Brethren. Jill Mytton left the group at the age of sixteen when her parents decided to leave their ancestors’ community, bringing their children with them. Decades later, Jill continues to work in the field of cult research and recovery.

In this interview, Jill addresses what she’s learned as a psychologist and researcher on lasting effects from cults. She and Richard discuss the process of learning to think for oneself and integrating into larger society.

About half way through the interview, Richard Dawkins suggests the American predilection toward extreme religious groups may be related to our society of immigrants. Joining a defining group may provide a social network to substitute for extended family left in the country of origin.

Richard Dawkins opens the topic of intense group recruitment for new University students, the vulnerability to recruitment during life changes. Jill Mytton articulates the phenomenon of pleasurable endorphins from religious ritual, intense singing, and love bombing recruitment tactics.

The interview below, from “The Root of all Evil” takes about an hour. This discourse addresses human vulnerabilities and long ranging effects of extremism. Their discussion is useful for all who work in healthcare, education or those desiring to be an educated member of society.

When you have the time, please click on the link below to warch this excellent interview. You will expand your view of society, religion, and limitations of the law in a free society.

If the above video link does not work for you, then click here to see the same video interview.

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