Dutch promotion for “Miracle of Love” TV expose’

"Lord Gourasana"

"Kalindi La Gourasana" speaks

The Netherlands is known as one of the world’s most socially and religiously tolerant societies. However, Dutch social tolerance does not extend to tolerance of clandestine abuse.

The Hague’s coexistence of Dutch parliament with United Nations’ international judiciary dramatically exemplifies the Netherlands’ co-existing concern for social freedom and intolerance of abuse.

This week, Dutch media furor revolves around an upcoming TV show to detail a sect which operates covertly in Dutch society by applying psychologically and financially destructive methods to its members. The group also has branches elsewhere in the world.

Dutch undercover reporter Alberto Stegeman exposes the Dutch division of the “Miracle of Love” (MOL) cult, whose deemed voice of God Carol Seidman aka “Kalindi La Gourasana” died last year. David Swanson aka “Lord Gourasana” as MOL’s deemed incarnation of God died a number of years ago.

(My obituary for Seidman aka Kalindi with other informative links can be read here )

Stegeman’s investigation involved one year of cult infiltration with hidden recording equipment. The show will detail MOL’s Dutch operations, including footage to reveal MOL’s loving-abusive brand of social persuasion “brainwashing” during MOL’s Seminar / Intensive.

The final Dutch televised expose’ can be viewed on Dutch TV SBS 6, February 26 Sunday evening , 9:30 pm.

Non Dutch audiences may watch the same show online on February 27, Monday, through the show’s website, check on “Programma Gemist”


Click here for an English language review of the undercover TV expose’ of Miracle of Love.

Dutch preview sites and video clips provide vivid imagery.
Dutch concern gains momentum with promotion of this TV report.

Links below preview the upcoming expose’ :

AD Sportwereld article plus television interview w/ reporter. Scroll down for the TV interview w/ small preview video clips.

HVNL Video news clip / preview with shocking video clip for Dutch television.

Translation from Dutch to English of key sections from above video clip of MOL’s Seminar / Intensive :

Undercover during the Seminar (Intensive) : (00:00 – 00:08)

Miracle of Love member: We don’t talk about anything that happens in this room.

First reaction presenter : (00:08 – 00:30)

This infiltration took more than a year. Because we would like to know what is
really going on in this community. Nobody knows about it. We don?t know anything
about cults. We know only the stories from people that left cults. We know the
stories from people that say a family member is involved and I don’t see him
anymore. We wanted to know what is really going on. Is there a cult in the
Netherlands? And how do they brainwash people?

Undercover during the Seminar: (00:30 – 00:34)

Miracle of Love leader: I want to fuck my mother, I want to fuck my brother, I
want to be fucked by an animal..

Second reaction presenter: (00:34 – 00:57)

They say that they are a faith community. They say that they want the best for
all the people around. But we saw – as a member – that it is a cult who is
trying to brainwash people. Finally it is just about giving your money and
saying goodbye to your identity. Friends and family are not important anymore.

Dutch undercover journalist during the Seminar: (0057: 01:04)

Everybody is dancing and running around naked. Can you please get me out of

Third reaction presenter: (01:04 – 01:15)

I?m disguised as a worried father from my colleague, who was inside this cult. I
went to the Seminar and then you can see that you cannot go inside.

Undercover: (01:15 – 01:21)

Miracle of Love member: I understand that you are the father?

Journalist Alberto Stegeman: Yes.

Miracle of Love member: We have a workshop going on. People from outside cannot
go inside.

Undercover during the Seminar (01:21 – 01:25)

Miracle of Love leader: Say it: butt fuck. butt fuck, butt fuck, butt fuck,
butt fuck.

Undercover (01:25 – 01:33)

Journalist Alberto Stegeman: I just want to see what is going on inside. Just as
a father, because I want to know what my daughter is doing.

Miracle of Love member: No, that is not possible.

TV station SBS article plus translation below.
Undercover in Nederland SBS 6, same article with translation below.

25 February 2011
New series of hidden camera reports starts Sunday on SBS 6

Undercover in Nederland reveals shocking scenes within Dutch sect

Rumours and stories about sects in the Netherlands have done the rounds for
years, but up to now there has never been any proof. This Sunday, in Undercover
in Nederland, investigative journalist Alberto Stegeman will reveal some intense
and never before seen images of what really goes on behind a sect’s closed
doors. In the past year, Alberto Stegeman and his team secretly infiltrated the
Miracle of Love sect; originally from America, this organisation – which
purports to be a religious community – has been recruiting members in the
Netherlands since 2006. The hidden camera images show how members are
deliberately being mislead, have to follow bizarre orders given by the leaders
and become estranged from their families and friends. Undercover in Nederland
will be broadcast on SBS 6 from 9.30 p.m. on Sunday 27 February.

Alberto Stegeman: “The last serious investigation into sects dates back to the
early eighties, and no effective legislation has ever been passed in this area.
We therefore knew little or nothing about this world, apart from the stories of
people who had managed to extricate themselves from such groups or people, for
example, who had lost a family member to such an organisation. This report will
change all that, at long last. Miracle of Love is a sinister society that seems
to be aimed at taking away people’s money, their possessions and ultimately even
their identity.”

The report shows clearly how members are literally and metaphorically stripped
of everything. “People are asked to dance around naked, they have to fantasize
about having sex with their own mother and we even filmed someone who had to
imagine murdering a family member. Everyone has to follow the orders given by
the leaders. During these sessions, which can last for days, there can be no
phone calls, no coffee may be drunk, no social conversation is allowed,
participants are deprived of sleep and they are not told in advance what is
going to happen. The leaders of this sect seek to convince the members that
normal life is an illusion. Everything is aimed at letting go of your own
identity and opting for Miracle of Love. To achieve this end, the leaders use
truly appalling methods.”

The leaders do not allow anyone to speak about what happens within the walls.
Members have to sign a confidentiality agreement to this end. “This long-term
undercover project, recordings for which took us nearly a year to complete, will
give everyone a chance to see exactly what happens when people are sucked into a
society like this”, Stegeman says.

In the programme, various experts will advocate regulations and legislation to
combat such abuses and to prevent them happening in the future. Stegeman: “I
anticipate that the report will cause quite a stir, not least among politicians
in The Hague.”

4 thoughts on “Dutch promotion for “Miracle of Love” TV expose’

  1. Jill M

    Thanks for posting. It really makes me angry that people use this kind of humiliation and degradation in the name of “god’s love.” This group does nothing for the community or society. Non-profit, I think not.

  2. Jill M

    The entire expose from the Nederlands is now available for viewing. It is episode 49.. Too bad I do not speak Dutch. Apparently some of the footage is from Munich, where members from Denver hosted last year.


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