Undercover in Netherlands – Miracle of Love. TV show review

Alberto Stegeman, Undercover in Nederland

On February 27, 2011 Alberto Stegeman televised an investigative report with hidden cameras, revealing cult recruitment in the international “Miracle of Love” (MOL).

The entire Dutch Show can be watched here :


The television show highlights the path that a new participant in Miracle of Love’s Intensive- Seminar may traverse as he or she enters MOL entry level activities. Eventually a vulnerable new member’s entire social world becomes MOL based, at the expense of family, former friendships, and work relationships.

True MOL members relinquish personal direction to the mercy of MOL’s leadership. They believe that MOL involvement and recruiting others will help them “break free of this illusory world” to “come home to their True Self” as taught by their deceased “Lord Gourasana.”

With hidden camera footage of actual group “Intensives” and “meditations,” Stegeman highlights practices known to alter brain chemistry and create a highly suggestible state in vulnerable participants : long hours, limited sleep, no caffeine, no contact with outsiders, highly emotional small group confessionals, dancing naked and singing embraced with others – regressing to the state of a child at summer camp. Stegeman graphically compares MOL’s methods to those used by the late Reverand Jim Jones of the People’s Temple in Jonestown.

Participants in MOL "Intensive" or "Seminar"

Stegeman interviews various experts for psychological and legal implications of promoting such practices as therapy.

As with any “cult” membership, no one intends to join a cult. A person at time of crisis seeks help, finds a “loving” support group and unwittingly is both exploited and becomes a co-conspirator. The ultimate goal is cult expansion while padding the leaders’ wealth and power.

Limitations of this TV show are that the investigator did not reach MOL’s higher echelons to reveal leadership’s lifestyle and orchestrations. Reaching higher levels of MOL requires more time, donation of large sums of money, recruitment power, an accessible trust fund or business skills needed by the cult. As in any cult, only tested devoted MOL members reach the upper echelons.

Overall, the TV show was a breakthrough of insider cult reporting.

Thank you to Alberto Stegeman and crew!

Two former MOL participants blogged responses to the TV expose’ – linked below.

My thoughts after “Undercover Nederland on Miracle of Love” by Milena, on her blog dedicated to sharing My life with Miracle of Love.

DriekBlog writes a review of Miracle of Love exposed on Dutch TV from his perspective as a former MOL participant.

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