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9/11 Grief honors birthing families

Losing Lauren, his pregnant wife, in the crash of flight 93 on 9/11, Jack Grandcola found that giving provided his path through grief. Jack incorporated personal loss into his public and private identity. Grandcola’s family foundation supports a beautiful birth suite in Marin General Hospital where Lauren and Jack expected to greet their first child together.

The following article includes a touching video of the Grandcola family foundation’s contribution to a beautiful birth suite:

Pregnant Flight 93 victim honored by husband’s lasting tribute

I’m not able to embed this video, so please click on the article link above to view an inspiring and humble video of profound loss and generosity – as well as views of a lovely birthing suite and nurses with whom I work in my moonlighting job at Marin General Hospital.

From now on, when I attend births in this suite I will remember the generous spirits of Jack, Lauren and their unborn child who provided a lasting tribute to young families.

Grief transformed to life-affirming generosity.