Child of the Cult – includes Transcendental Meditation chapter

Nori Muster spent several years researching, interviewing, and editing stories of adults who had been raised in a variety of cults for her latest book “Child of the Cult”.

This book is now available, here as an ebook or kindle through

Through skillfully applied personal narratives, psychological and sociological analysis, along with historical context for each group, Nori uses the stories of five individuals, raised in different cult groups, to illustrate how cult dynamics contribute to child neglect and abuse in totalitarian systems.

This e-book is a valuable contribution to the literature on cult dynamics, child abuse, cult recovery and personal voice.

Because this book defies tidy publishing categories, traditional publishers rejected it. They didn’t know how to market the book.

Thus, Nori opted for an e-book through amazon.
To support the children.

Yes, there is a summary chapter of an upbringing (moi) in Transcendental Meditation.

There are virtually no profits from sales of this book. This is a public service document to help former-children from cults, now in recovery. This is also a useful tool for therapists, school teachers and social workers who suspect that youth under their professional guidance may be living in a totalitarian abusive system.

About Nori : After working in the publications dept of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. Ms. Nori Muster authored “Betrayal of the Spirit” about her time with the inner core of the Hare Krishna group.

Nori is an activist on behalf of children injured in cults, and on cult recovery in general.
You may read more about Nori at

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