Juliana’s Ride for Safe Passage

Juliana Buhring has nearly completed her trip around the world by bicycle!

She will reach her goal as the fastest women to pedal around the world – 18,000 miles / 29,000 kilometers in 140 days. Yesterday she crossed the Italian border to re-enter her chosen home country.

Since July, 2012 Juliana pedals to raise awareness and funds to help children adapt to mainstream society after an upbringing in high demand groups or cults.

Juliana co-authored “Not Without My Sister” with her sisters, Celeste Jones and Kristina Jones about their childhood within the Bible-based organization “The Children of God” or “The Family”. Their book was a best seller in the UK and Australia with graphic stories of pedophilia and flirty fishing to seduce potential recruits.

Read more about “Not Without My Sister” by clicking here.

Juliana accomplishes the extraordinary once again. She began her journey in July 2012 from her current home in Bell’Italia, across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and now is on the final legs to her home.

To learn more about her journey and sponsor Juliana’s efforts, please view her website here.
You may also follow the Facebook page for her ride here.

Tax deductible donations to support Juliana’s ride and her cause can be made directly to Safe Passage Foundation here. Safe Passage foundation advocates for human rights of children raised in high demands organizations and provides support and resources for those who leave the controlling groups of their upbringing. Please specify that your donation is a sponsorship toward Juliana Buhring’s bike ride.

To learn more about human rights issues for children raised in cults, please read Safe Passage Foundation’s website by clicking here.

Auguri e Buon Viaggio to Juliana!

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