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Wall Street Journal on Midwives

Hey Gals — We made the Wall Street Journal! Mainstream American press acknowledges what Europe’s health care system practiced all along! Midwives are best for supporting and encouraging the normal.

See today’s Wall Street Journal article “Healthier Births and Babies – With Midwives”.

Of course, we could also discuss why the Wall Street Journal publishes this information when a man writes a book about it, without having publicized the same information as previous published by women. However, this essay is not about gender discrimination.

According to Nathanael Johnson, author of soon-to-be-published by Rodale Books, All Natural: A Skeptic’s Quest to Discover If the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing, and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier, “Something has gone wrong with the way that we handle birth in this country, deliveries are now getting more dangerous rather than less so… Globally, we are tied with Belarus in maternal mortality.”

Johnson’s article also states, “The great strength of American-style obstetrics is in reacting to catastrophe. But we’re terrible at preventing catastrophes before they happen. While our traditional obstetric mode is reactive, the style of midwifery demonstrated by the Frontier Nursing Service is proactive. A low-tech, high-touch approach has been shown to effectively lower rates of C-sections and early births in several modern cases. Moreover, this personal, coaching approach is the most effective way to address chronic problems like obesity and diabetes.”

Let us laud mainstream acknowledgement of balanced evaluation, otherwise known as “evidence based practice”, to support normal healthy human reproduction, encourage health promotion, avoid unnecessary intervention, and accept appropriate life-saving interventions.

While the midwife au-natural birth community celebrates mainstream acknowledgement, I must add that safe midwifery practice requires a respectful professional relationship with obstetricians for inevitable transfers of care, such as are designed within safe European midwifery models.

Thank you, Nathanael Johnson, for addressing this topic and bringing it (again) to public discussion.

For those in the Bay Area – Nathanael Johnson will speak at Book Passage Bookstore’s Ferry Building location, San Francisco on January 31st. You can make a reservation which includes an autographed copy of his book by clicking here ($35 in advance or $40 at the door).

Happy New Year – Life’s Third Act by Jane Fonda

The New Year is ever a time of new beginnings.

As the days lengthen and we clean after wonderful and exhausting holidays, many begin the new year with resolutions.

Yet, any day is a new beginning.

As a species, we live decades longer than only two generations ago. It’s as if we’ve been given another whole life.

In the video below Jane Fonda speaks eloquently about life’s third act. We can begin afresh at any time!

Wishing a new year and life of health, growth, and creativity to all – whether you’re entering life’s “third act” or embarking upon early adulthood.